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Ever notice this?

  • Megamind:

    Lost his parents in a black hole.

  • Metro Man:

    His parent's had the same fate as Megamind's parents.

  • RJ the Raccoon:

    Family killed by the "weedhacker."

  • Guy:

    His parents died in a tar pit.

  • Fiona:

    Her father died in the 3rd movie.

  • Arthur/Artie:

    His father abandoned him and never came back.

  • Jack Frost:

    He died a long time ago. 300 years after waking up, his mother and sister are dead.

  • Po:

    His mother died during Lord Shen's reign, but at least his father survived.

  • Puss & Humpty Dumpty:

    Their parent's abandoned them... whoever their parent's were or are.

  • Lenny & Don Lino:

    Lost Frankie because of an anchor.

  • Me:

    Dreamworks make movies where a hottie's (or non-hottie) family member(s) die or abandon them? Oh, just for once make a movie where they all live happily ever after with everyone alive.

↳ Surf’s Up (2007)

He could’ve walked up to anyone, and he walks right up to me. And he gives me this awesome, one-of-a-kind Big Z necklace. And then he tells me, “You know, kid, never give up. Find a way, ‘cause that’s what winners do.” He was the greatest. Everyone looked up to him, respected him, loved him. And one day, one day, I’m gonna be just like him.

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